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Maxscape.com is dedicated to the Maxscape Web Application Server. An introduction is presented and information about content management and application programming are published since 1998.

What Is Maxscape?

Maxscape implements the features of a generic web application server. Various modules, components and programs are integrated to provide the functionality to develop, maintain, distribute and run sophisticated web sites.

Preferably content and also application software are filed in a relational database. The runtime system then generates requested answers and provides runtime objects to server side applications, allowing an object oriented view on the database.

The Original
Maxscape 1.0, released in spring 1998, was the first platform comprising an open source HTTPD (NSCA, CERN, Apache), FastCGI, SSL, a database (Msql, Mysql, Oracle), a scripting language (Perl) and a server API (Maxscape).

Basic Platform
The basic platform runs under UNIX, and comprises the HTTP daemons (Apache, Maxdaemon) with Openssl, Fast-CGI, Mod-Perl, a rational database, as well as many useful Perl CPAN modules (DBD/DBI, Libwww, ..), etc.
Directory Structure
The standardized directory structure eases to manage server, as well as application specific content and software, separating generic from applications specific components.
Data Model
The Maxscape data model maps the hierarchically structure of a web site to a rational database. Directories become categories and files become pages. Categories may contain elements, which can be inherited to subtrees. Database pages are subdivided in page elements, which contain the content and also the application software. Database templates generalize the redundant properties of subtrees, what comes in handy in respect to design and layout.
Content Database
Each web site (virtual server) has its own database, which can store categories, pages, elements, templates, as well as application software. The runtime system then generates responses on requests from the database, according to the parameters of the request and the content, kind, type and attributes of the requested elements. Elements may contain Text, XML, HTML, CSS, Javascript, (embedded) Perl, etc.
Maxscape API
The Maxscape API provides access to functions and methods of the generic kernel to the application software. Objects are defined by the runtime system, to be used in applications and which allow an hierarchical, object oriented view on categories, pages, elements and templates stored in the database. The Maxscape kernel implements the key features to develop, manage and to generate dynamic content stored in the database, as well as on the file system and provides approx. 1800 methods in 80 packages (approx. 120000 Lines of Perl Code).
Runtime System
The runtime system generates content from the databases, resp. the file system. It comprises the HTTPDs connected to the server and application processes, according to the configuration. The Apache HTTPD integrates the FastCGI module, which has enormous advantages compared to the CGI interface, especially when working with databases and the distribution of server/application processes to several computers.
Content Management and Application Development
Content and applications are developed and managed by an administration server via a web browser (web interface), as well as with UNIX shell tools (command line interface), dependent on the task.
Server Development and Integration Environment
CVS, RPM, make files and quite a few shell (bash, tcsh) scripts eases development, integration, distribution and operation greatly. Output all files containing a special string, dump the content of a database to a text file or assemble a new distribution, not a problem.

Build Your Own Web Server
With Maxscape you can build your own web site and even your own web server. Simply try e.g. Profile-Community.com to learn about Maxscape.

Rent A Maxscape Cloud Server
You can rent your own UNIX cloud server with a pre installed Maxscape Application Server. The cloud server behaves like your own computer with a UNIX root account, only it runs on our hardware, so you don't need to deal with installation issues.

Maxscape Installation
You can install Maxscape on your own hardware, of course. Consider that it will take quite some time to learn how to manage your own installation.

Maxscape Communication Server
The Maxscape Communication Server is highly adaptable and might be a solution for your secure Internet/Intranet communication.

What Is Unique About Maxscape?

Unique with Maxscape is that content, templates and also (embedded) software can consistently be stored in a rational databases. A hierarchical data model in a rational database is regular, so it is quite easy to define methods to hide SQL queries to calling functions.

Imagine a data model with categories, pages, elements and templates instead of a file system with folders and files. Objects, defined by the runtime system, then allow an object relational view on the related data, via various methods.

The concept of storing content and programming scripts in a database instead of the file system has more consequences, than one might think at the first glance. Unlike a directory, a database category may have elements that can be inherited to sub trees or imported into pages and templates. Page resp. template elements can arbitrarily be nested.

Defining a content type, a text language, a version number, any parameter simply becomes a column/row in the corresponding database table and a little additional runtime and management software. A content database has many advantages compared to a file system approach. It relieves the burden of data storage greatly and adds the multi dimensions of rational databases and the power of the SQL language to content management, as well as to object oriented server and application programming.

Simple Database Template

<!-- HTML with embedded Maxscape Server API methods -->

<!DOCTYPE html>
@{[ $Page->ElementContent (Name => 'Title') ]}
<style type="text/css">
@{[ $Page->ElementContent (Name => 'Category.CSS') ]}
@{[ $Page->ElementContent (Name => 'Page.CSS') ]}
@{[ $Page->ElementContent (Name => 'Category.PageHead') ]}
@{[ $Page->UserElementLoop() ]}

Come To Know Maxscape

Consider that Maxscape is a Web Application Server for complex and sophisticated web services, not a 'what you see is what you get' editor for single HTML pages. Maxscape is especially useful for (database) application programming and supports the collaborative teamwork of authors, template designers and programmers.

To get in touch, you can create an account (no email required) on e.g. Profile-Community.com and play with the 'Page Tree' interface to create a small web site. You can completely delete the account at any time.

Expect that even if you have HTML/Software knowledge, it will take some time to understand the data model and how to efficiently apply Maxscape's concepts and philosophy.

Don't worry be happy, Max.

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